Panasonic MA70

Panasonic MA70
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Panasonic MA70 Features

When you look for a great massage chair the best investment is always in a product that can offer you real health benefits for a long time. The lifetime of the Panasonic MA70 is near 15 years of functionality. Please see bellow why Panasonic MA70 is the best product when looking for a massage chair: First of all PanasonicMA70 is a Premium high end massage product, Panasonic Real Pro Hot Stone Massage chair MA70 have 6  preset automatic programs available with the Panasonic EP-MA70 that will ensure complete relaxation and reduces stress and tension in your body: Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck and Shoulder, and Lower Back.Individually, specialised automatic programs. Including the Junetsu massage (very precise).